antique stained glass bird window

0262 Pretty Painted Bird


CIRCA 1900 Stained Glass Window Antique This beautiful old window has outlived its original frame and is now resplendent in a substantial pine frame for shipping and display. It was removed from a house in LANCASHIRE during refurbishment. THE PAINTED CENTRE DEPICTS A BEAUTIFUL SMALL BIRD - THE WINDOW IS ENHANCED BY THE BEAUTIFUL VICTORIAN GLOW GLASS BORDERS., AND 2 LARGE COLOURED RONDELS. The frame and the leads are in sound condition. The frame measures 26 1/2"W x 12 3/4"H . The glass measures 24" x 10 1/4" This Antique Window Shipped and packed to USA would be $109.
$ 699.00
(Shipping $ 109.00 )

pretty painted bird window

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