nouveau style stained glass window
2851 Antique splendid

Antique Stained Glass Window Nouveau

This beautiful old window has outlived its original frame and is now resplendent in a simple unfinished pine picture frame for display and shipping purposes. It was removed from a house in Yorkshire during refurbishment. The glass has no chips or scratches and the leading is in excellent condition.
The colours in this glass are exceptional. The frame measures 18"W x28"H (46 x 71cm). The glass measures 15" x 25" (38cm x 64cm).
This Antique Window Shipped and packed to USA would be $119.You can buy this now by clicking on the credit card icons (Paypal if you prefer) below the photograph or e-mail sales click here to arrange payment by personal check ,money order or bank transfer.

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$ 1099.00
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antique splendid window
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