This Design Spans Five Beautifull Deco Windows.These windows are in their original frames which are in good condition. The design carries across the five windows with beautiful yellow or blue jewelled lenses in each. They are of English origin from around the 1920s mark. The coloured glass of this window has a rich deep texture. This old heavy glass picks up and softly diffuses the colour of the light falling upon it.The glass has no chips or cracks and the leading is in good order. Price is for set.. Each piece measures 18 1/2"W x 17H" (47cm x 43cm) Each glass section measures 15" x 13 3/4" (38cm x 35cm) Packing code 3P +2P 9K+13K VMW2532 + 2181= 4750 Shipping and packing for USA $205 UK $96
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