antique stained glass window
6178 Floral Dance SOLD

This Pair of Beautiful windows are still in their original frames. The processes used to create this beatifull glass involved metal oxides gold and arsenic. Many of these processes are no longer allowed, consequently glass of this unique quality may never be seen again. They are a work of art to enhance any home and possibly a much undervalued investment. They are of English origin from around the 1900s mark. The frames are in good condition and could be re used as windows with a little refurbishment if required. The coloured glass of this window has a rich deep texture. This old heavy glass picks up and softly diffuses the colour of the light falling upon it, Each window frame measures 24 1/2"W x 11"H
The glass of each is 22 x 8 1/2"
This Antique Window Shipped and packed to USA would cost $129.

You can buy this now using the paypal link below the photograph or e-mail sales click here to arrange payment by personal check ,money order or bank transfer.

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$ 799.00
(Shipping $ 129.00 )

floral dance window

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