antique stained glass window
7042 Fleur de Lys

Antique Stained Glass Window Nouveau

This beautiful old window has outlived its original frame and is now resplendent in a simple unfinished pine picture frame for display and shipping purposes. It was removed from a house in Yorkshire during refurbishment. The glass has no chips or scratches and the leading is in excellent condition.
The colours in this glass are exceptional. The frame measures 34"W x 23"H . The glass measures 32" x 21"
Packed weight 3K VMW1173 This Antique Window Shipped and packed to USA would be $139. You can buy this now using the paypal link below the photograph or e-mail sales click here to arrange payment by personal check ,money order or bank transfer.

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$ 1299.00
(Shipping $ 139.00 )

fleur de lys window
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