This beautiful old window has outlived the original frame . RARE AND VERY BEAUTIFUL. Removed from a LARGE HOUSE IN YORKSHIRE. BEAUTIFUL PAINTING - RICH COLOURS - GLORIOUS BIRD AMAZING PAINTED PANELS ADORN EACH SIDE OF THE BEAUTIFUL BIRD. The background glass is of a heavy and deep texture . No cracks or chips
A FANTASTIC AND AMAZING WINDOW - ESPECIALLY RARE AS IT HAS A CRANBERRY GLASS BORDER WHICH IS REPEATED AROUND THE BIRD WHICH THE PHOTOGRAPH HAS NOT SHOWN TO ITS FULL BEAUTY. This glass seems to glow with a light of its own in the half light at dawn or dusk or sometimes on a cloudy day. It is an attribute of this heavy old glass to collect and softly diffuse the colours of the light falling upon it. The frame measures 35 " W x 17"H The glass measures 32"w X 14"H Shipping and packing for USA would be $189 Including full insurance for loss and damage. You can buy this now in your own currency by clicking on the credit card icons (Paypal if you prefer) below the photograph or e-mail sales click here to arrange payment by personal check ,money order or bank transfer. Shipping includes full insurance.



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Stained glass is glass that has been coloured by adding metallic salts during its manufacture. In years gone by glass was coloured by adding substances such as arsenic,uranium and gold. The coloured glass is crafted into stained glass windows in which small pieces of glass are arranged to form patterns or pictures, held together by strips of lead called cames and supported by a wood or iron frame. Painted details and yellow stain are often used to enhance the design. The term stained glass is also applied to windows in which the colours have been painted onto the glass and then fused to the glass by firing in a kiln.