A Home Based Business opportunity

Hand Painted and Kiln Fired Stained Glass Works of Art

antique window

This document gives the outline of a business proposition which will be of Interest, not only to Architects and Interior Designers, but to retailers of antiques as well as those seeking a home based business opportunity.

This is a beautiful product with a very high visual impact which makes it ideal for selling from color photographs particularly on a computer screen. It makes its own unique contribution both to interior design and to external architectural features.

Antique windows have been increasing in value for some time and are likely to increase even further.

Every item is unique so a small stock level can test your market.

You do not need to warehouse stock prepare invoicing or pack and ship. This can all be done for you unless you choose otherwise.

As a home based business opportunity you will not find a better product. As an addition to an existing business this is an excellent opportunity.
This product along with Easyboo.com customer service produces a high level of repeat business almost unprecedented for non consumable goods.

The unique status of each individual antique window means you can sell using the same media as your peers without competition. (Nobody else will be selling what you are)
Ideal for selling from a web-site or on line store. Ebay Amazon etc.
Save this page to come back to. Have a look at what we are selling and have sold recently. Allow plenty of time there hundreds of photos to browse. If you think this is the sort of thing you would like to sell then read on

What we can do for you:-
We look after you and your customer to the very high level of Easyboo customer support.
Hundreds of verifiable recommendations from satisfied customers. (Link at bottom of page)

Help with all aspects of marketing and sales.
Free warehousing. (We can hold the goods until you sell them and then ship directly to your customer).
Free invoice preparation.
We provide customized packaging to "master packer" standards.
Dispatch in your name at bulk shipper prices you can not get yourselves.
Shipment tracking is available on the internet for you and your customer from dispatch to delivery.
We send you the tracking number on dispatch.
We provide photographs of each individual item to facilitate sales.
Additional photographs can normally be made available on request.
If you wish to employ others to increase your sales we will handle shipping and invoicing in a similar manner.
You may have your windows shipped directly to yourself or your agent if you prefer.

Prices and Discounts
All prices are clearly marked on the Easyboo web-site. This is the price you pay less a discount
Of up to 30% depending on quantities ordered. You choose your own selling price.

If we are warehousing for you, you need not pay for shipping until your customer is ready to take delivery. Shipping costs shown on the web-site are for single items. Very substantial discounts apply for bulk shipments.
All goods are fully insured against loss or damage during transit. This applies whether we ship to you or your customer.

If you are an Interior Designer, an Architect or someone seeking a home based business opportunity,
then antique windows are an excellent choice.

Existing customers are invited to take this opportunity.

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home based business opportunity
home based business opportunity

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Easyboo.com is a frequent antique window seller on Ebay.com and welcomes you to check out the comments of previous purchasers.



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