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Hand Painted and Kiln Fired Stained Glass Works of Art: Home Improvement Heaven!

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Home Improvement: ever thought of using stained glass windows?!

So, it's that time of the year again; you've decided home improvement is needed. Whether it's a little sprucing up, or a huge revamp, these beautiful old windows will make a wonderful addition to any home. If a spot of home improvement is your desire, take heed of the following notes.

Many of these windows have outlived their original frames, and have been housed in simple pine frames, thus when it comes to home improvement, such windows would not only fit in anywhere, but also provide that spot of colour,style, or class, depending upon what suits you. Used as a divider between rooms, as a sliding window, or just as a piece of art to decorate the home, no matter what the practicality of their placement, they are a joy to look at everytime. Home Improvement? These works of art will not only decorate/improve the house, but provide beauty to take one's breath away.

As part of a special service, if you have a window in mind, but it is not to your desired size, we can provide a solution; we can resize the window in question using antique glass, so as not to lose it's integrity.

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Home Improvement and window ideas
home improvement and window ideas

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Home Improvement and window ideas

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