CIRCA 1902 Set Of 4 VICTORIAN Stained Glass Windows Antique

These beautiful old windows have outlived the original frames. BEAUTIFUL ROSES Removed from a house in YORKSHIRE during refurbishement. This is a LARGE SET OF windows of outstanding beauty with exceptional coloured glass. This coloured glass is of a heavy and deep texture.
A BEAUTIFUL DESIGN CASCADING ACROSS ALL 4 WINDOWS - THESE LARGE SETS ARE BECOMING QUITE RARE AND THIS IS CERTAINLY VERY SPECIAL. BEAUTIFUL RUBY RED - LEAFY GREEN - GOLD- The leads are in sound condition. Each seperate outer frame measures 19 W" x 18" H" . Each seperate middle frsame measures 20" w x 18" H The glass measures 16 " x 15 " and 17 x 15.
Shipping and packing for USA would be $199.
$ 1,699.00
(Shipping $ 199.00 )

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